Sage Francis
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Worldwide, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Venue: AwfulGoodWriters Tickets
Show: 2:00am Cost: $150.00

One day a week, for one month, with a total of four 90-minute workshops. This workshop is pricey at $150, but this includes much more than what most artists are offering with “livestream performances.”


* Creative Therapy – The shaky art of dealing with depression, trauma, and writing oneself out of such dark places.
* Magic in the Break Up – The catharsis of “writing off the world” as well as traps to avoid in “woe is me”, failed relationship  poetry.
* Confessions and Consequences – How best to protect one’s privacy while being very public. It’s more of an art than a science.
* The Dirty, Dirty Business – Tips for those who aspire to succeed in the same world that they’re writing off.

LIMITED REGISTRATION — We will cap this workshop off at 100 people total. Sage Francis wants the opportunity for several one-on-one interactions outside of the designated workshop hours. The capacity limit is necessary to ensure nothing gets rushed. Sage intends on interacting with each participant to help them improve their writing, performance, and/or career development.

* Weekly 90-minute live writing session and discourse lead by Sage Francis.
* Q&A with Sage during each session — all questions are welcomed.
* An opportunity for writing and performance feedback.
* Weekly emails from Sage Francis with writing prompts to prepare for each upcoming course along with reviews from the previous course.
* Sensitive topics and discussions between Sage Francis and the participants. We highly request (if not fully demand) these things be experienced and shared in confidence.